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KDE 3.1 on sid -- Pixieplus

Thanks to Ralf's packages, I'm running KDE 3.1 on three sid machines. There were a 
few tangles during the installation, but it's been running smoothly and 
looks spectacular.

My remaining problem is pixieplus, mosfet's elegant picture manager, which now does 
a lot of cool things. I can't use Ralf's deb, which was made for woody -- I get an 
unmet liblcms dependency, since sid uses liblcms1 1.09-3. Any way around this? If I
try to install liblcms 1.08-3, dpkg wants to uninstall all of KDE 3.1.

I'd build it from source, but it needs the KDE3 header files, which I take it are in 
kdelibs4-dev, but this depends on libfam-dev and libfam0c102, which again wants
to remove KDE 3.1.

As I write this, I see a message from Chris Cheney saying "KDE 3.1 will start 
filtering into SID after dinstall runs at 19:52 UTC Feb 5." Hopefully this will get 
us a working build environment too... 

In the meantime, has anyone got a recent pixieplus running on sid?


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