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Re: kmail 1.3.2 (kde 2.2.2) imap reads every folder I've got?!?

> > Yes you need to set the "prefix to folders". Normally its the
> > directory where the mail is in your homedir and its proberly something
> > like "Mail" of "mail".
> This rather sounds like a bad imap server setup or is this uw-imapd?
> IMHO, uw-imapd should not be used but this decision is up to the server admin.
> Mail should be in its own subdir (e.g. Maildir) with no access to other user
> files.
> The "prefix to folders" is an imap-specific thing, e.g. for courier imap this
> is "INBOX", for uw-imapd this may be a real sub dir like "Mail" (although
> using that dir is a bad idea, too, because many programs directly access this
> dir by default, e.g. KMail).

I'll try to check what mailserver it is...
Anyway, I think my mail is stored under /var/mail/username, and not
somewhere under my /home/username directory....

It shows up all right, toguether with all other folders I have in my
home.. It seems it reads "something" (that is my inbox) and then all

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