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delay on KDM startup and KDE startup (3.1)


Recently I started to experience a strange problem on my other system 
which is running KDE 3.1 
When KDM starts up it takes several minutes (I did not measure, but 
feels like 10 or 15 minutes) for the greeting screen to come up. 
Looking at 'top' during this delay I see that kdm_greet process is 
taking all the processing time and also hogs a lot of memory (tens of 
megs, I am sure it does not need that much). But eventually it comes 
up and seems to work as usual. And then when I log in it again takes 
several munutes for ksplash to come up (during that delay kde_init 
and ksplash processes take all the processor time). And again, when 
ksplash eventually comes up it then works fine.

AFAIU the thing KDM and KDE have in common is QT so that maybe a 
problem with it... On my other system I believe I saw this problem 
once or twice, but it works fine currently (it also has 3.1). AFAIR 
it started after one of the upgrades between 3.1 RCs. I've also heard 
from one other guy about the same (or similar) problem that he was 

Any clues to what's the problem or how to fix it?


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