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Re: kmix

bearjadat, guovvamánu 7. b. 2003 12.35, Wolfgang Mader don čállet:
> hello,
> i want to use the balance feature from kmix. i start kmix by typing kmix in
> the executionwindow. the the littel loudspeaker apears beside the clock...
> using the balance feature really works well but kmix always looses the
> information till the next reboot. is there a way to teach kmix permanently?
> thnx wolfgang
Right click on the loudspeaker. Choose 'Show Mixer Window'. In the mixer 
window that appears choose 'File->Save Current Volumes as Default'.

That ought to do the trick.

Børre Gaup, Kiruna, Sweden

btw, why do you append the ridiculuosly long sig in in all your mails?

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