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KMail 1.5 crypto-plugin breaks gpg

I configured KMail 1.5 to use the gpgme-openpgp plugin according to the 
instructions both in Ralf Nolden's posts to this board and the ones at 
kmail.kde.org.  After doing so, I tested the configuration by first 
attempting to read an encrypted message that I had earlier sent myself, and 
by attempting to encrypt and send a new message to myself.  When I try to 
read the encrypted message, I get an error saying that my passphrase for my 
secret key is invalid.  When I try to send an encrypter message, I get an 
error stating that there is no passphrase.  If I remove the "use-agent" line 
from ny gpg.conf file, the inline pgp works properly.  What am I doing wrong?

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