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Konqueror and Quicktime


I am using KDE3.1 from Debian SID and I wonder how I can set up
konqueror to display Quicktime Movies from
e.g. http:/www.apple.com/trailsers. Both xine and noatun can display
quicktime movies fine. I configured konqueror to use xine to view
quicktime movies and when I click on a quicktime movie on my
harddrive, everything works like a charm. But when I click on a movie
on the apple website, an embedded player opens and when I try to play
the movie with this player, nothing happens. I configured konqueror to
not use an embedded player for playing Quicktime movies, but it seems
not to care for the movies from the apple website.

I think the problem is that these movies are embedded with
<embed>...</embed> tags. Is there any way to force konqueror to show
these movies with xine or at least use noatun, which is, with the
xine-plugin, also capable of showing Quicktime movies? What player is
konqueror using to play embedded objects and where can I configure

Thanks in advance,

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