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Re: 3.1 kl - 3.1 final

On Wed, Feb 05, 2003 at 07:42:53AM +0100, Olivier Delsol wrote:
> I would like the answer of your question too !
> I just have dowloaded the debian packages for woody on my sarge box.
> The only problem I have discovered so far is that some packages are linked 
> against libvorbisfile.so.0, and sarge has libvorbisfile.so.3
> I just recompiled the debian packages of arts and kdemultimedia, but I noticed 
> that libartskde.so (from kdelibs) has also a link with libvorbisfile.so.0
> before recompiling kdelibs (which will take time and space for all the needed 
> developpement packages), I would like to know  if the compilation of kdelibs 
> will end this process !
> Do I will have to recompile all packages ?
> Olivier

Please for your own safety don't run sarge.


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