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K3b and oKle packages update request


The K3b project released 0.80 (final) a couple of days ago, and I was 
wondering if/when an updated package would appear in the 
ktown.kde.org archive.

Otherwise, everything is working well, though the oKle package has 
always been slightly messed up. It should consist of a binary file 
"okle", the execution of which runs the program. For some reason, 
however, the current package only contains a binary "okle_gui" which, 
when executed, returns the following error:

Please do not call the ogle_gui binary directly!
Instead copy it to /usr/lib/ogle/ogle_gui and then run ogle.

Following these instructions gets things working, but according to the 
oKle homepage (http://okle.sourceforge.net/), since the release of 
the latest version, this is the wrong way to do things, since it 
conflicts with the standard GTK+ ogle_gui executable (overwrites it). 
If you could adjust the okle package to eliminate this problem, I'd 
appreciate it!


Christopher Martin

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