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Re: KDE3.1 in SID

On Fri, 2003-02-07 at 13:18, Svein Ove Aas wrote:
> Well, they still aren't around, but I found a solution.(I Hope!)
> Add the ktown source as a deb-src line, and rebuild from source, changing dependencies to match if neccessary. I hope this works...

This is exactly what I did -- Everything is running smoothly. :)  I
built all the debs with pbuilder against sid.  They retain the same
naming scheme as the ktown packages, so as soon as the official packages
make it into sid, my compiled debs will be replaced (as I'd like).  I've
put my debs up here (On a DSL line with 128Kbit upstream :-\):

deb http://DB7654321.dyndns.org/david/debian/kde3 ./

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