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Re: delay on KDM startup and KDE startup (3.1)


On Mon, 3 Feb 2003 07:48:14 -0800
Fedor Karpelevitch <fedor@karpelevitch.net> wrote:

> When KDM starts up it takes several minutes (I did not measure, but 
> feels like 10 or 15 minutes) for the greeting screen to come up. 
> Looking at 'top' during this delay I see that kdm_greet process is 
> taking all the processing time and also hogs a lot of memory (tens of 
> megs, I am sure it does not need that much).

i've got the same 'feature' here, except it takes less than 2 minutes to load
the greeting screen. kdm_greet uses a lot of cpu time and ram. it seems to load
faster after i log out of kde. btw. i run sid with karolinas kde3.1 packages
(3.1.0+rc6+kl) on an athlon 900mhz and 512mb of ram. ksplash and kde_init both
run just fine, though. this delay also occurs on a woody/kde2.2.2 installation
so maybe it's not a kde thing but has something to do with fonts? (that's the
common thing on both systems. i've got a network font server with lots of fonts
for those machines. but ther's not more network traffic during the delay than
usual and while kdm starts/loads the harddisk is being accessed a lot. so i
guess it's not a font thing either.) i really don't know but would be very
interested in a solution.

greets, f. soul.

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