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Re: AAH! Got KDE installed in San Francisco!

Pietro Calogero <pietro@calogeros.org> writes:

> Sorry to gum up your inboxes with yet one more email, but I wanted to
> thank John Mitchell and Asheesh Laroya for responding to my "SOS: I
> broke my KDE and I can't get up" email. All John wrote were four lines
> of advice and that was all I needed.
> Played KAsteroids last night just to celebrate.
> But seriously, Linux has been tough to learn for this MacWin-user, but
> the responsiveness of the community by email has made all the difference
> when I run into a wall and the manpages and HOWTOs don't tell me quite
> how to get through it.
> So thank you.
> Pietro
> PS: btw, what does ymmv stand for?

$ dict ymmv
2 definitions found

From Jargon File (4.3.3, 20 Sep 2002) [jargon]:

  YMMV // cav. Abbreviation for {Your mileage may vary} common on Usenet.

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