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KMozilla in konqueror??


I'm using Ralf Nolden's debian packages on sarge, and am very happy with it, 
because they just work like a charm! Thanks for packaging kde, and investing 
so much time into it!

Today I heard about kmozilla, and that it is possible to use mozilla's 
rendering engine gecko inside konqueror. -So I installed kmozilla via apt-get 
and all necessary dependencies. I heard from previous postings to this 
mailing list, that kmozilla should not be run stand alone. So I clicked on an 
.html file inside konqueror and chose preview with -> KMOZILLA . Konqueror 
tried to embed something but it did not show anything. I only got the status 
bar in the middle of the document, where the html file was supposed to be.
So my question is: How do I get this to work? Also, which version of mozilla 
do i need? (there are no dependencies in the kmozilla package, btw. I have 
mozilla 1.0 installed on sarge)
It would be really nice to get this to work, because I would love to view xml 
files via an xsl stylsheet in konqueror, without having to start mozilla. - 
Unfortunatly konqueror does not (yet) support XSL, so it would only be 
possible through mozilla's rendering engine gecko. For all other purposes 
khtml is just right, it's just the xml thingie... ;-)

If you need more information about my box or any errors, please let me know!

Any help appreciated,

greetings Daniel

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