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Re: Kate code-folding query?

On Thursday 06 February 2003 03:45, Trevor Phillips wrote:
> I've wanted to try code-folding for a while now, since it sounded like a 
> potentially good way to help navigate in large files, so I was quite excited 
> to hear that Kate now supported it.
> However, I can see no config options, menu items, or icons associated with it. 
> I had pretty much given up, guessing it was still an "alpha" feature, and not 
> in 3.1, when a friend said it worked for him in PHP.

It's 'F9'  or select menu view -> show folding markers  but it's looks like not all
highlight modes support it yet.

> So, firstly, no, I'm not a PHP coder. What other languages are supported? What 

Try!  Load a file and check in 'show folding markers' is still enabled (it's not for

> languages are planned to be supported? I spend most of my time coding in 
> Perl, and something to fold/collapse subroutines would be soooo useful.
> What future general support is planned? A "Collapse all top level" would be 
> useful...

How about searching the kwrite-devel, kde-cvs list archive at lists.kde.org?

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