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Re: kfile

Florian Struck <florian.struck@t-online.de> writes:

> But now i cant use my mplayer and xine-dvdnav debs cause of missing 
> dependancies.
> It would be nice if someone could tell me which kde 3.1 are recommendable to 
> use with SID.

... probably those that will be in the Debian main archive in some
days (weeks?) time. Right now installing the GCC 2.95 debs on sid
while it is undergoing the transition to GCC 3.2 is probably a bad
idea. Lots of C++ libraries already have their names changed to
libxxxc102 but KDE 3.1 still depends on the obsoleted versions.

I for the time being I have purged KDE 3 from my box, planning to
re-install when the debs are uploaded.

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