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Re: BUG: libkdeprint_management.la missing in kdelibs4

On Wed, Feb 05, 2003 at 06:48:31AM +0100, Ralf Nolden wrote:
> Please be aware that Martin and I are *still* working on the Qt packages 
> because of Martin's stubbornness it takes ages to convince him of the needed 
> modifications. The latest change may be of importance (still to go into the 
> packages) as we're reworking libqt3-headers. It contained a) the complete 
> private headers of Qt b) a set of headers only belonging to qt-embedded c) 
> compatibilitiy headers. The goal is to remove a) and b) from the package and 
> to move c) into a libqt3-compat-headers package. Though you should do fine 
> without that compatibility package, in case you need it you will want to add 
> it to your build-deps. Please notify bugs.kde.org for any compile errors 
> showing up when compiling without the compat-headers package so those can be 
> fixed and moved to the correct Qt API headers of 3.1.1 by upstream. The same 
> counts for any third party program that is going to be recompiled with Qt3.
> Ralf

Is there a particular reason to split headers into multiple packages at
all?  The only people who will have these installed are people building
things against Qt anyway... As far as I can tell Qt only has around 13MB
of headers?


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