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Re: konqueror crashes when quitting

On Wednesday 05 February 2003 23:17, Felix Homann wrote:
> Hi,
> all of a sudden my konqueror went nuts: 
> -Whenever I quit it I get a signal 11 (SIGSEV) crash. That's annoying!
> -If I have a child konqueror, e.g. from middle-mouse-button-clicking a link, 
> and I quit any one instance of konqueror, *all* the konquerors die. That's 
> even more annoying!!
> This does only happen in my usual account. Removing ~/.kde fixes it but I 
> don't want to loose all of my settings. In other words I would like to know 
> which single file/directory causes this trouble so I can just get rid of.
> BTW: Why do they put bookmarks in .kde? Why do they put all important 
> settings, like accout informations of kmail in this directory? I've often got 
> in situations where the only way to get KDE working correctly again was to 
> remove the whole .kde directory, thus loosing lots of settings...

Well sometimes someithing in the system does not work:   rm -rf / and reinstall
fixes it.  Why does the system store everyting below /?  Well, sometimes a user
has a problem other users don't  have: rm -rf $HOME fix it.  Why does the user
store everything below $HOME. Your KDE has a problem:
removing ~/.kde fix it.  Why does KDE store everything below?

What do you expect is the result of a brute force method?

Here's a more sensible way of handling config problem

	o use 'mv'  not 'rm'
	o there is .kde/share/config/<app>rc
	o there is .kde/share/apps/<app>/...
	o Start app, stop app:
		find .kde -mmin -3 -ls
	   check files listed

This solves ~ 95% of config problems my users or I had.

Hope this helps,
Achim  -- first and last mail in this thread.  Promised!
> Thanks,
> Felix 
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