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Re: kdebindings

El Lunes, 3 de Febrero de 2003 21:27, David Pye escribió:
> Well, what were the kmozilla errors?
> David
> On Monday 03 February 2003 20:53, R. Rodriguez wrote:
> > Hi. Can anyone explain how do the kdebindings packages work? I use ralf's
> > debs in sid... and apt-cache show doesn't show much info :(
> >
> > by the way, kmozilla doesn't seem to work.. i type ./kmozilla and it just
> > returns some errors... any ideas??
> >
> > thx

here u have the full output:

apt-drink@BIBBY:~$ kmozilla
Message: dcop_object_class_init(DcopObjectClass *klass)

Message: gtk_xpart_class_init

Message: gtk_kmozilla_class_init

Message: dcop_object_init(DcopObject *obj)

Message: gtk_xpart_init

Message: gtk_xbrowserextension_class_init

Message: gtk_xbrowserextension_class_init

Message: gtk_kmozillaextension_class_init

Message: dcop_object_init(DcopObject *obj)

Message: gtk_xbrowserextension_init

Message: gtk_kmozillaextension_init

Message: gtk_kmozilla_init

Gtk-WARNING **: gtk_signal_connect(): could not find signal "reload" in the 
`GtkKmozilla' class ancestry
Message: gtk_kmozilla_init

Message: dcop_init

Message: dcop_client_register_as kmozilla

Message: dcop_client_attach

Message: dcop: major opcode is 2

Message: dcop server address is : 

Message: trying to register as kmozilla-9873

Message: registration failed

client initialized!
cannot register with shell (null) / KDE_MULTIHEAD=false

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