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Re: KDE 3.1 Alsa Problem

On Sat, Feb 01, 2003 at 09:23:19AM +0100, Karolina Lindqvist wrote:
> lördagen den 1 februari 2003 01.52 skrev John Keniry:
> > Thanks for the reply. I've solved it now - libasound1 was not installed.
> It can't be that, can it?
> libasound1 is the old ALSA library, and old alsa is not kernel compatible with 
> the new ALSA.

That is puzzling. I tried "play test.wav", heard nothing, installed
libasound1, tried it again and heard sound. The commands I issued are
still there in my bash history this morning so I know that was the
library involved.

Anyway I do need libasound1, well I should say timidity does, as it
depends upon it.

John Keniry

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