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Jasper packaging


I've read the FAQ, the "5.2. What can I do to help?"
and I've found:

- Package jasper (http://www.ece.uvic.ca/~mdadams/jasper/)
  for jpeg2000 support

I've pacaked it and I've tested it in my i386 and it seems
to work. It should be multiplatform because jasper has
been proved to work in many platforms.

The packages I've created are:
Source: jasper	      - everything
Binary: jasper	      - executables
Binary: libjasper     - shared libraries
Binary: libjasper-dev - headers and static libraries
Binary: jasper-doc    - documentation about jasper and

The only problem is that I'm not an experienced
debian packager so it may not be perfect (althoug lintian
only says that some man pages are missing), but I can
take a look at every bug or wish anyone tells to me.
And I do not now what do I have to do to make this package
part of debian.

Please, tell what do I have to do with these packages.

Thank you very much for your patience
Asier Llano

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