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Re: KDE3.1 woody konqueror crash

Am Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2003 09:10 schrieb Andy:
> > I'm installing kde3.1 for woody with Ralf Noldens debs, but everytime I
> > use konqueror as filemanager it crashes konqueror.
> >
> > Anyone else has experienced this problem?
> It happens to me alot....but not everytime.
> If I log out and do a console login as root and delete
> everything out of /tmp completely, then I am okay for
> about 3 days.  I am a heavy KDE 3.1 user.  That is all I use.
> ( but I still consider myself a novice to Debian and KDE )
> I want to ask this list to help my write a script to
> delete everything out of /tmp.  Can I do that while
> logged into KDE or do I have to log out and into the
> console login to do this?
> ( this is the only way I can solve the problem...remember I am a novice )
> I usually do this as root console ( I think ) :
> cd /tmp
> rm -rf *
> rm -rf .*  (to delete the hidden directories)
> (I think...can't remember right now and half asleep)
> Then log back into KDE and everything works great for days.
> I am on Debian 3.0 stable and I LOVE KDE.

Well I have tried this, but konqueror crashed again :-(


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