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DDPD - the Dangerous Debian Package Dump - Was: Re: KDE PIM in sid?

Am Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2003 16:32 schrieb Yun-Ta Tsai:
[exact build instructions removed]
Your packages seem to be smoother than mine.

Too many people build packages for themselves and do not share them. Maybe we 
should think about DDPD - the Dangerous Debian Package Dump, where users can 
dump packages and write messages about them in the mailing list. Surely 
without APT metainformation, as automatic updates from such sources would be 
more than stupid, and with file size limits and a mime checker script 
deleting all unwanted file types and overwriting of files disallowed.

If the uploader supplies the debian mailing list address where he posts about 
these packages as anonymous password, an autogenerated message could inform 
the list (or an own list) about removal of files.

What do you think?
Thomas Ritter

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