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Re: kicker on both xinerama screens?

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On Freitag, 31. Januar 2003 16:46, Robert Vineyard wrote:
> On Friday 31 January 2003 09:27 am, cobaco wrote:
> > right click on the panel and choose add->extension->child panel
> >
> > next configure the child panel to show up on one screen and the main
> > panel to show up on the other screen (via configure panel)
> well, that sort of worked. check out the screenshots below:
> dual-screen, with kde 3.0.4:
> http://fiend.ns.gatech.edu/~liquid/screenshot-kde304.jpg
> dual-screen, with kde 3.1 and the trick you just mentioned:
> http://fiend.ns.gatech.edu/~liquid/screenshot-kde31.jpg
> when i add the child panel, it pushes my main panel up an inch or so. i
> want them on the same level, so it looks like one continuous bar like i had
> with kde 3.0.4 (and 2.1, 2.2, 3.0, etc.)
> any ideas? thanks very much for your help.
If you have continuous breakage with the behavior that it is intended to work 
then kicker broke during the development for kde 3.1. Please file an exact 
bugreport on the behavior that it should work like on http://bugs.kde.org so 
the bugs can be ironed out for a KDE 3.1.1 release.


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