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Re: antialiasing on sid, kde3.1

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On Monday 10 Feb 2003 1:13 pm, Vladimir Wiedermann wrote:
> hi,
> I'm new here. I have read part of history of this mailing list, but i
> didn't find answer to this:
> I got sid, kde3.1 from sid and fontconfig although i have used
> font-intaller on older Karolina's kde and installed some truetypes from
> windows.
> And a problem:
> Antialiasing won't work, until reconfigure fontconfig.
> After reconfiguring fontconfig - konsole fonts looks terrible - lots of
> squares in midnight commander and so on..
> Also when i choose different font, most of avaialable fonts look the same.

I have reported this as a bug against the libxft2 package in debian :-

Bug#179519:  Console is replace by verdana

and at kde against konsole:-

I have been doing some debugging of the problem and it seems to be that the 
fontconfig library is somehow not matching the fonts properly.  If it gets it 
a little wrong you get the effect you mention above.  If it gets it badly 
wrong, qt notices and then bypasses fontconfig and accesses the fonts 
directly (libfreetype ?). 

My problem is that it seems to change as you rebuild qt. Although my main 
version of libqt-mt and kde is debian, I have one account where the 
LD_LIBARY_PATH points to version of qt-copy from the kde head CVS.  I have 
been using that account with a small qt only application that demonstrates 
the problem.  Yesterday I updated qt from CVS HEAD, rebuilt it and the 
problem went away.  I have only had time so far to run the debugger quickly 
to find out why, and I have discovered that the font being returned by 
fontconfig is so far removed from what was expected that qt then gave up and 
tried to look for it directly. 

I am continuing to search.

- -- 
Alan Chandler
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