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Re: ACK! Blew up my KDE and need help in San Francisco!

Le Jeudi 6 Février 2003 21:43, Pietro Calogero a écrit :

> Downloaded KDE 3.1 .debs from KDE.org, including packages.gz, created
> similar directory structure on local HD.
Why are you downloading the debs on your hd. If you have a fast internet 
connection ? You should add a line to your /etc/apt/sources.list with 
kde.org. Creating a local debian mirror on your hd is done by people who have 
a fast internet connection at work and a dial up connection at home. They 
download at work, burn the packages and copy them on their home computer. In 
your case with a notebook, I don't see the point ?

> Cannot get dselect to install single packages without it returning an
> error. Cannot get online using Mozilla in GNOME; don't even know how to
> diagnose failure (ifconfig shows eth0 working correctly, pon
> dsl-provider seems to work)

Connect to your provider and try from the command line to
if that doesn't work anf ifconfig -a shows a working internet connection, it 
must be your route that is not set well, try to see what route says. In most 
linux manual there is information on routing and how to set it.

try then
ping www.debian.org
if it doesn't work, it means that you have not set the DNS server of your 
provider correctly.

If ping works but connections by tcp  (for example browsing fails), the reason 
is certainly that the mtu value is wrong. If you do ifconfig -a, you'll see a 
entry mtu in your eth0 line with a value, normally by default 1500. But 
certain dsl provider will work with a different value (for my provider it is 
1492). Try finding the correct mtu on your provider website or helpline and 
do man ifconfig to learn how to change the mtu of your ethernet connection.

Good luck,


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