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Re: kde3.0.5a arch: Alpha debs for Woody, retirement of cupis.co.uk/debian/kde3.html

On Sun, Feb 02, 2003 at 08:37:30PM +0000, Paul Cupis scrawled:
> Also, as Ralf has got a large repository of kde3.1 debs for Woody, and with 
> the imminent entry of kde3.1 into sid, my package list at 
> http://www.cupis.co.uk/debian/kde3.html seems to have outlived it's 
> usefulness. As such it will be retired quite soon. Hmm, Wednesday 5th 
> February 2003, shall we say.
> Thank you to all those who have worked on kde3, whether it be through 
> packaging, maintaining mirrors, compiling FAQ's and offering feedback.

Thank *you* for the same. You've been invaluable to us, and I'd just
like to thank you for all your work, on behalf of both the packagers and
the community.

:) d

Daniel Stone                                     <dstone@trinity.unimelb.edu.au>
Developer, Trinity College, University of Melbourne

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