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Re: konqueror crashes when quitting

On Thursday 06 February 2003 01:43, Hendrik Sattler wrote:
> Why would I store important user data like the default address book,
> bookmarks and all that in a hidden directory where the user has to search
> very hard if the structure philosophy is unknown?
is it really so hard to find these files? IMHO it isn't ... ;)

> I wouldn't. You wouldn't come up with the idea of storing all your emails
> there, either, would you?
that's different, because it makes no sense to store my emails in a ~/.kde 
-subdirectory: other mail -programs also store the emails in the ~/ 
-directory, so 'normally' you can use different email -programs and you can 
still have your inbox etc. in every single program. [also it's not usual, the 
possibility exists. and it wouldn't make a sense to let 'mutt' search for the 
default Mail -folder in a ~/.kde -subdirectory.]

> But against everyhting, the _Desktop_ has to be toplevel and not hidden.
> Makes absolutely no sense.
i normally don't use the Desktop, so for me it's insignificant ... ;)


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