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KDE 3.1 upgrade & fonts?

Hi to all,

Just did an upgrade du KDE 3.1 on my Debian mixed system.  Everything went
fine, except for fonts.  Some carachters (like: ") now appear as little
squares (like this:  ?).  This happens wether the AA fonts option is checked
or not in the Configuration Center and wathever fonts type I choose.  I'm
using KDE in French but this doesn't seem to be the problem si French
caracters (é, è, â, ...) appears fine.

I know it may be a KDE specific problem, but other people who did the
upgrade do KDE 3.1 on other distros told me that they're not experiencing
this..  Could this be a problem with an encoding option or package

Any help would be appreciate.


Marco Laverdière
Debian newbie!

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