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Re: BUG: libkdeprint_management.la missing in kdelibs4

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On Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2003 10:40, Brian Nelson wrote:
> Considering libqt is about 5.5 megs, an extra .5 meg doesn't seem so bad
> to me considering the trouble it saves.  Besides, is anyone that uses Qt
> apps, like KDE, seriously concerned about .5 meg of bloat?
It is.

> Sure, but that doesn't mean Debian's Qt packages have to suffer as a
> result of TT's vagueness.
That's what we fixed now.

  Just put all the headers in one package,
> package only the mt lib, build styles statically, and end the madness.
I assume you don't want to think about things that we cleared and still don't 
seem to have a clear insight into the package itself. In that case I would 
really appreciate to stop ranting. If Qt packaging is so easy to you, go 
ahead and take maintainership. You'll see what you'll get.

> The only place I can find that mentions packaging static libraries in
> the -dev package is libpkg-guide, and that documentation is by no means
> authoritative.  I don't see why they should be included at all. 
That's what I'm asking, too. I would be very much in favour of dropping a 
static qt anyway. I think providing a static version is quite optional.

 If some
> third party vendor needs to link statically with Qt for whatever reason
> (Opera?), they can compile the libs statically themselves.
Which TT customers do anyway.


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