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Debian package for 'kalculate'?

I'd like to try out 'kalculate', as a simpler replacement for 'kcalc'
on a kiosk system.  (Not many average users will ever care about
trigonometric functions, let alone programming tools, like hex<->dec
conversion! :^) )

Anyway, I was wondering, has anyone built a '.deb' package out of it?
(The kiosk I'm setting up is running KDE 3.1 on Debian Woody (3.0) on
a i386 PC; I didn't install any compiler tools, and would rather not,
unless _absolutely_ necessary.)

I suppose I can try to build a binary out of it on my own personal box
(Debian Woody running KDE 2.2), but I thought I'd ask first. :^)


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