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konqueror crashes when quitting


all of a sudden my konqueror went nuts: 
-Whenever I quit it I get a signal 11 (SIGSEV) crash. That's annoying!
-If I have a child konqueror, e.g. from middle-mouse-button-clicking a link, 
and I quit any one instance of konqueror, *all* the konquerors die. That's 
even more annoying!!

This does only happen in my usual account. Removing ~/.kde fixes it but I 
don't want to loose all of my settings. In other words I would like to know 
which single file/directory causes this trouble so I can just get rid of.

BTW: Why do they put bookmarks in .kde? Why do they put all important 
settings, like accout informations of kmail in this directory? I've often got 
in situations where the only way to get KDE working correctly again was to 
remove the whole .kde directory, thus loosing lots of settings...



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