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KDE3.1, KDM & XF86Config-4

Happy to say that I have KDE3.1 running very sweetly indeed.  Had not
used the std sources though. It's nice to see koffice running side by
side, I had some trouble with that and kde3. 
Anyway, I did notice some problems getting KDM to add users to the logon
menu.  The users were added by adduser at the command line, after KDE
installation.  There was no problem with them being able to logon to a
KDE session, but they had to  manually enetr their user name rather than
click their icon.  I tried adding the new users through the KDE control
center utility, as non SU and appeared able to, (after entering root
password), however the changes were not applied.  They wre applied when
I actually started a KDE session as root and added these new users. 

I also have a problem with screen resolution.  I'm not sure where this
is coming from, but I am unable to obtain a screen res of 1152x864.  The
screen res was defaulting to 1024x760 despite XF86Config-4 specifying a
default of 1152x864/84kHz, ctrl alt (numeric pad) +/- was having no
effect at all.  I toyed with the XF86Config-4 entries  and managed to
get some unexpected changes where the screen would default to 1280x1024
and ctrl alt (numeric pad) +/- altered the res to 800x600 with a virtual
desktop, ie point mouse on edge screen moves.  Obviously something was
happening, so I tried to remove all other entires than  1152x864 and
then 1024x760, but the screen falls on some ridiculously high res that
make it impossible to read 14pt fonts.   

Does KDE 3.1 refer to any other means of determining screen res than via
XF86Config-4, I can't figure out why the XF86Config-4 is failing.  I am
using the compiled NVIDIA driver by the way, and have had no such
problems configuring X in the past with the same video card, driver and
monitor.  Hmmm.... Any ideas?

Anyway exciting times with KDE...



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