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gkrellm - KDE Bug?


When logging off from KDE with gkrellm running I get multiple instances of 
gkrellm the next time I login. The gkrellm maintainer says it's a KDE 

Quote from http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=174192

"In some versions of KDE multiple gkrellm instances will be started at
login even though only one gkrellm was running when the last session
ended. I don't have any such reports for Gnome. Based on some feedback
I've received, it appears that this happens when there are multiple
process entries for gkrellm. Extra process entries appear when gkrellm
runs threads for checking such things as sensors, remote mailboxes, inet
connections, and some file system functions. It also won't help if all
threads have terminated because there will always be at least two
process entries (the Initial Thread and the  Manager Thread ) as soon
as the first thread is run. So it appears to me that KDE is interpreting
all thread instances of a process as a session managed process to be
restarted at login. This problem did not appear in gkrellm 1.2.x because
those versions did not register with the X session manager. The Gnome
session manager sees both the Initial Thread and the Manager Thread,
but recognizes the difference and marks the Manager Thread as "Trash"
and so does not try to restart it at the next login. So at this point
I'm inclined to say this is a KDE bug, but if anybody has any more
insight than this, let me know."

Any words on this issue?
I'm running Debian/unstable with KDE 3.1 and gkrellm 2.1.4-1


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