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Re: konqueror 3.1.0 does not launch from kicker

Joseph Reagle wrote:

> >That's probably the konqueror.desktop missing file problem.
> >I have fixed that problem.
> I just upgraded to from kde 3.1.0rc6 to kde 3.1.0 and have this problem 
> presently.

I fixed it for myself by extracting the konqueror.desktop file from the rc6
package and copying it to /usr/share/services.

> Also, my fonts 
> have gone kind of screwy, Arial looks rather bad at size 9 and 11 (good at 
> 10!) <smile/>. I've been careful not to dip from sid during the transition, 
> but maybe some package got updated and now my fonts are a little off.

That's probably libfreetype6. The new -8 package has some changes to the
font rendering which some people don't care for. Downgrade to -7 if you
prefer it as it was. With luck, things will get straightened out in
another update or two...


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