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Re: kde-theme-liquid or mosfet liquid theme


I'm unable to choose the liquid theme in kcontrol with this package (kde-theme-liquid). But the "Mosfet's Liquid" section is present.

I don't have the problem with the mosfet package, so I removed the guilty one and reinstalled mosfet.

Is it a packaging problem or something I haven't done ?


Sergio Rodriguez de Guzman Martinez wrote:
As some people is using my deb repository for installing mosfet liquid
theme, I must announce that I have changed the name of the package to
kde-theme-liquid to be according to the traditional one.

I have done this with the last version of mosfet (0.9.6pre3) so you can
apt-get it from:

deb http://coyote.asoc.euitt.upm.es/mud/debian ./
deb-src http://coyote.asoc.euitt.upm.es/mud/debian ./

apt-get install kde-theme-liquid

and it will replace the old mosfet package.

or download directly from:

It is compiled for Sid, but I will provide sources in two or three days.


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