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Any idea when we can expect kde 3.1 in sid? was: kfile

Am Montag, 3. Februar 2003 18:42 schrieb Johannes Rohr:
> I for the time being I have purged KDE 3 from my box, planning to
> re-install when the debs are uploaded.

Hi Johannes, hi there,

thank you for the hint/your opinion. I'm running sarge/sid on my box, I 
think it's already updated in most cases on the newer c++ libs from sid.
Maybe I run already a not very stable debian system. 

I wanted to upgrade from kde 2.2.2 to kde 3.1 this weekend, but apt-get 
tried to remove packages like rosegarden from testing or bochs from 
unstable. So, I decided to keep on with kde 2.2.2 until I'll get a 
solution for this issue.

Does anybody have any idea when we can expect kde 3.1 in sid? Heimdal 
seems already recompiled by gcc 3.2 on Friday last week AFAIK.

kind regards


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