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Re: kfile

On Sunday 02 February 2003 16:06, Karolina Lindqvist wrote:
> söndagen den 2 februari 2003 14.39 skrev Yun-Ta Tsai:
> > I got the same problem here and it quite annoys me.
> > BTW, I use KL's deb.
> I have found the problem. It was the human factor. And I was the human. :-)
> It is only the konqueror.desktop file missing
> I am updating my packages.
> Karolina

Thats nice work. 
Which package is it that needs to be updated?
Btw. is it so that k3b does not work yet together with that i get dependancy 
problems with libsdl*.
Also kaplan doesnt start. But gives no error.
Otherwise it looks really great *applause*
Konqueror doesnt crash like the woody debs from kde.org

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