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Re: kmail within kde3.1 on sid ?

Fedor Karpelevitch a écrit:


I've got the same problem. So I apt-get source --compile kmail.

El Lun 10 Feb 2003 19:42, James D. Freels escribió:
This is so frustrating !  We patiently await the release of 3.1
for sid. It is announced and we patiently wait for the packages
to arrive through the normal route through the Debian system. Many people of commented that there is no kmail (kdenetwork).

If I upgrade to KDE3.1 without kmail, will the kmail from the old
version work ?  Not likely.  Therefore, we must continue to wait
because we depend on kmail...

What is the status and/or reason kmail is not available yet ?

frustrated but not complaining...
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I've got also one problem to install kmail, it want libfam0 package meanwhile I've got libfam0c102. Then kmail don't want install ! I tried also apt-get source --compile kmail but this also don't work. Someone have got a solution ?


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