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Re: kdm still slow on startup, solutions?


I corrected this (as I posted earlier) by adding a missing truetype
parameter to my SID (KL debs) which is running xfs: 

I added Truetype (/usr/lib/X11/fonts/Truetype) to the 
catalogue = parameter  in /etc/X11/fs/config

Your reason might be a different font but it's a good place to start
if you are running xfs or xft.


On Monday 10 February 2003 at 4:10 pm, Norbert Preining wrote:
> Hi!
> I still have the problem mentioned earlier that kdm_greet eats up
> loads of CPU/mem and takes very very long for start-up. Is there any
> solution to this problem known. I have read about solution with
> libvorbis (hee, sounds strange), FontPath and fs/config mixtures, and
> hell what more.
> Best wishes
> Norbert

Michael Hoodes         http://www.hoodes.com            Seattle, WA

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