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Re: konqueror 3.1.0 does not launch from kicker

Michael Hoodes wrote:

> OK I'll bite.  What package has konqueror.desktop in it?
> My Woody 3.1 partition doesn't have it.  What's a good 
> way to check for inclusion of that file?  I've tried
> grep konqueror.desktop * in my 130MB Sid /var/cache/apt/archives
> directory but that didn't find it. 

It's in Karolina's konqueror rc6 package. I still have a copy of it.

Grepping your archive directory probably won't do. A .deb file is an
uncompressed ar(1) archive containing a gzipped tar file (data.tar.gz)
which in turn contains all the files to be installed. Since the tarball
is compressed, grepping it isn't useful. I don't suppose zgrepping the
.deb would be useful either, since the ar(1) archive isn't compressed.

To unpack a .deb:

    ar -x file.deb
    tar xzf data.tar.gz

then look under ./usr/share/services for the konqueror.desktop file.

The exact file you want is:


unless Karolina has posted a fixed version already.


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