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Re: kdelibs4-dev on woody

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003 20:45, Laurent Rathle wrote:

ok, this is what I did on testing, google ( ie libmad0-dev 0.14.2b-4 as the 
search string) for the exact package you need which should come up as a 
debian.org url, download the package from the mirror and dpkg -i (so you will 
downgrade the current package that is installed) it starting with 
libmad0-dev_0.14.2b-4_i386.deb & libmad0_0.14.2b-4_i386.deb, next I did 
libcupsys2_1.1.15-4_i386.deb. After that I was able to apt-get install 
kdelibs4-dev and bingo it worked! [;P It downloaded a few extra packages as 
This is what I did, hope that helps.

cheers Peter van der Male

> I didn't expres myself correctly :-). I don't have Knoppix anymore. It's a
> standard woody. I've installed kdelibs without problem, but I can't install
> kdelibs4-dev because of libartsc0-dev and a lot of other softwares. The
> only way to install kdelibs4-dev is to fetch it from unstable. And then, I
> can't install kdenetwork, kdemultimedia, ... anymore.
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