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Re: antialiasing on sid, kde3.1

> > After reconfiguring fontconfig - konsole fonts looks terrible - lots of
> > squares in midnight commander and so on..
> It is possible that you can adjust the fonts app by app to get reasonable 
> looking fonts.
> > Also when i choose different font, most of avaialable fonts look the same.
> Hmm.. Don't know. Maybe you can try to add more fonts in the control center?

preblem is that it's not possible to adjust different font to konsole
although I have 15 of them in listbox, because they are all the same just
with different names.

It look's that after fontconfig if I choose font in control center
I have 20 different names for the same Helvetica font and 3 different fonts
and 15 the same fonts as fixed, except Courier ?16.

(and that fixed fonts are able to show mc without problems)

before this I had 20 different normal fonts and different 15 fixed fonts.

If anybody want's i can give him account on my mashine to see it.

Vladimir Wiedermann

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