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Re: kdelibs4-dev on woody

Le Jeudi 13 Février 2003 00:18, Laurent Rathle a écrit :
> I should, I know it :-) But in fact, I've deleted everything after a third
> bad trial. I'll try to tell you : when I want to install kdelibs4-dev, apt
> says me that several libraries with libartsc0-dev among them should be
> installed but that they are not going to be installed. Whan I try to
> install libartsc0, I have the same problem, until I arrive to libclms (I
> hope I don't make a mistake in the name :-)) that says that it's going to
> take away all KDE 3.1. That's all what I can tell you for the moment.

Last message. I succeded this morning. I don't know what happened the other 
days, but now everything is ok.

Thank you,


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