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Re: delay on KDM startup and KDE startup (3.1)


Le Lundi 3 Février 2003 20:29, funky soul a écrit :
> i've got the same 'feature' here, except it takes less than 2 minutes to
> load the greeting screen. kdm_greet uses a lot of cpu time and ram. it
> seems to load faster after i log out of kde. btw. i run sid with karolinas
> kde3.1 packages (3.1.0+rc6+kl) on an athlon 900mhz and 512mb of ram.

I also had such a problem with a very long startup (but kdm_greet was taking 
only around 25% of cpu), and ksplash was also much slower to come up ... then 
I saw in my .xsession-errors it was looking for libvorbisfile.so.0, a problem 
already discussed here. So I symlinked libvorbisfile.so.2 and kdm starts up 
correctly now !

I use Ralph's debs on Sid, so maybe it isn't exactly the same problem as you, 
but maybe that'll help !

David Hénot

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