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Re: kdeextragear-1 not in i18n

Le Lundi 3 Février 2003 21:41, Henning Moll a écrit :
> The last official release of k3b is 0.7.5 (www.k3b.org) (and yes, you're
> right, it contains the translations). But why do you use cvs HEAD for your
> packages then?

You raised an issue, but it appears that nobody knows the answer.
When a kde branch is created (like the current 3.1 branch), all the i18n 
contents are tagged, even kdenonbeta, kdeextragear and koffice, which should 

As Charles said previously, it is quite confusing, because these modules 
shouldn't be translated in this branch. So, if you use it, you will get no / 
a strange translation, since no body care of it.

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