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Re: [ libqt2 libpng2 resolution] [kde] and, for my next trick ... [kde] anti-aliasing is *NOT* supported! [kde] setting an /opt precedent Adopting these packages again kde3 Anti Aliased fonts in SID? Re: anti-aliasing is *NOT* supported! artsdsp and wine Automated reply from Bug in imaps Re: Bug#127252: -unstable compiled against the wrong libpng Re: Bug#127252: kmerlin: Nope, it broke it Can I install libpng3 without problems? Can I set up a kde desktop background with xearth and xfishtank Re: CD Writer for filesystems, & HD Backup SW HowTo - Recommendations please? CD Writer for filesystems, & HD Backup SW HowTo - Recommendations please? Compiling KDE 3.0 under Debian Consider: Move pkgs from Sid to Woody sometimes for progress (was:Re: KDE Packagers...) Curious bug on kde startup Current state of KDE now? Re: Current state of KDE now? (no big deal) Delete key in konsole Desktop redraws dpkg Weirdness Erroneous out of space msg & fs corruption on W>S then KDE install errors euro symbol Evolution einbinden filesystem discussion (my 2 cents) Fix for KDE source distributions Fresh install of kde from woody HELP! - NFS Browsing in KLISA How pull packages from unstable to a Woody system? (kghostview bug fixed) How to disable -fno-exceptions in kdevelop installing kde Interpreting FHS Re: Interpreting FHS and KDE filesystem structure Java bindings? KAdressBook problems Kbiff with netscape or mozilla KDE apps cannot display Chinese fonts KDE dependency problem on a Debian Sid 3.0 KDE filesystem structure Re: Fwd: Re: KDE filesystem structure + metadata Kde from scratch is ok KDE Is Eating My CPU kde not starting as normal user KDE Packagers - What's the plan/roadmap/future & timescale? kde, woody and fonts KDE-Debian HowTo for KDE2 & Debian3=Woody X86. Ver 0.1 KDE-Debian HowTo for KDE2 & Debian3=Woody X86. Ver 0.16 needs updating (With this info? And more?)(+ Requests) website KDE3 CVS (yesterday) binaries for Woody available KDE3 question KDE3(beta) as unofficial add-on? kdevelop still builds apps with libpng problems kdm and xset? kdm error KGhostscript broken? kghostview crashes KMail and GPG kmail changing default web browser KMail crash on attaching a file (Debian testing packages) Kmail in woody kmaill kmix does not save settings knode KNode not starting Knode refusing to run KOffice and my KDE 2.2 packages Koffice printing konqueror and ftp konqueror file manager & mount konqueror freez Konsole does not update utmp kpackage and rpm kpackage dependency conflicts w/ another kpackage dependency (rpm) kprinter, cups, and LaserJet_2200 -- success, almost kssl and kio linking errors kstart folder problems. kwin, ctrl:nocaps and caps-tab messes up keyboard Kword crash on save libmysqlclient support in kdebase libpng and KDE programs Re: libpng problems--aka no icons libpng? What is the current status? libqt just broke again Re: libqt2 - 18 Works libqt2 libpng2 resolution Looking for 2.2.2 KDE packages Lord, Love-A-Duck! My Icons are back! The last update was on 10:47 GMT Sun Jan 14. There are 687 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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