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RE: [kde] and, for my next trick ...

Daniel Stone <daniel@sfarc.net> wrote:

The libpng[23] screwup in unstable is now more or less resolved with
kde{base,graphics,network} in incoming. Now, the only packages that need
rebuilding are kdeaddons, kinkatta, kmerlin, koffice, and maybe kdetoys
(not sure on that one - Ben?). kdelibs was installed last night.

Thanks muchly to calc for dealing with dodgy Build-Depends, hurried
patches, huge builds, many uploads, and me. He's been absolutely
invaluable; KDE3 is in good hands.

--snip-- <
Have at it.

Daniel Stone						    <daniel@sfarc.net>

Just some follow-up from a "user".

I did the kdelibs3 upgrades on 8 Jan to my remaining computer running KDE from Debian unstable. This upgrade alone restore "most" of the functionality I had lost, however some apps still wouldn't work (i.e. KOFFICE). I would say it was about a 90% solution to the problem.

I did the additional upgrades (kdebase, etc) tonight and a few more problems resolved, but the improvement with the new stuff wasn't as noticable as it was with the kdelibs3 upgrades on the first night.

I am a "happy camper" again, and can wait on the rest whenever they appear. At least my KDE is usable again.

MANY THANKS for the quick response and fix to ALL involved. I know it was a MAJOR job, and my hat is off to you.

One quick question. I also have a DEC Alpha here. I had noticed that the new packages for the Alpha seemed to lag those for the i386 by a few days, so when this problem cropped up on the i386 arch, I quit updating my Alpha KDE install. Will the Alpha KDE tree go through the same sequence as we have seen here, or did someone manage to "short-circuit" this problem before it got uploaded? I don't want to break a working Alpha install. I would quess this question goes for the other supported arches as well.

-Don Spoon-

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