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Re: kde.debian.net website


On Thursday 10 January 2002 05:05 pm, Kamil Kisiel wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I recently volunteered to create and maintain the new kde.debian.net
> website. Currently I am planning to have news on the latest package updates
> and severe problems that users should look out for (such as the recent
> libpng stuff) as well as an FAQ. Apart from these, I am not sure what users
> would like to see on the web site and as such I am writing here to ask for
> suggestions. Apart from news & docs, what would people like to see on the
> website? I do not intend to duplicate content, so anything that's already
> on the *.kde.org sites will likely not be added.
> -Kamil

The first thing that comes to mind is a list of sites where the .deb archives
are kept at.
	And this is NOT just for .deb(ian) We also need to support apt-rpm if we can.
I'd like to see some archives for the (don't scream at me!!) apt-rpm sites
too. I don't 'like' RedHate, but with the new apt that is in it, it sure
would be sweet if we could support it. (convert those fadora wearin'

	Just my $ 0.02    :--)

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