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Re: [kde] anti-aliasing is *NOT* supported!

* Daniel Stone schrieb am 08.01.02 um 12:50 Uhr:
> Hi guys,
> Just to let you know that I will *not* support anti-aliasing. You can
> use it, but don't expect me to urgently follow up on bug reports
> involving AA, as it causes problems such as #123264. If you report an AA
> bug, I'll probably downgrade its severity and tag wontfix, because it's
> too buggy.
> That said, *please* make mention of whether you're using AA or not in
> your bug reports, because it makes my life easier.

Does this mean I've to rebuild the packages if I want to use AA? Is
there a compile option that turns AA-Support on or off?

I think AA will be nice in KDE3 since then AA-Fonts should be
supported to live near non-AA fonts (QT3)... I hope you understand
what I mean ;)

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