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KDE3 CVS (yesterday) binaries for Woody available


OK, for those of you who like watching applications crash I put some
debugging-ENABLED(!) binaries of KDE3 up.

Beware: It's a 400MB download. And it expands to about 2GB. That's what
happens when you compile debugging information in the binaries and
No fun for modem users. :)

Beware_2: It was a "blind compile". I wrote a batch that cvsup'ed the whole
shebang, and compiled everything. Things that didn't compile at the right
time are not included (kdepim for example, this time). It WorksForMe(tm),

The packages don't care where you install them, it's all one directory. if
you don't install them where I did (/opt/kde3), you will have to modify the
start_kde script, though.

Now for the Real Cool Thing(tm): You neither need to be root, nor need to
create additional accounts, nor does this spoil your existing KDE setup -
you don't even have to relogin to try and use KDE3. All you have to do is

	apt-get install xnest

before or after downloading and installing my archives.  I'm not gonna tell
you what this does, it's just waaay too cool and I don't want to spoil your
surprise. ;)

So: Go to, get your fix, and report bugs to the
KDE team!

PS: Oh yes, please use the start_kde that is provided seperately (in the
FTP directory), not the one in the archive. That one has a small nasty bug.

PPS: If I get enough praise on the list, I might do this again. :)

mfg, Jens Benecke 
www.jensbenecke.de, www.hitchhikers.de, www.linuxfaq.de

V: Epson Stylus Color 600, 1440dpi, inkl. 4F+4SW-Patronen
V: 2x IBM 4.3GB UW-SCSI Festplatten, hdparm: 10-13MB/sec

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