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Re: KDE filesystem structure

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On Wednesday 16 January 2002 13:29, Daniel Stone wrote:
> > Note that *everybody* except debian uses /opt/kde3, and changing to that
> > would be beneficial. The current layout has to be changed in any case, it
> > is major brain damage.
> Changing the way Debian has packaged stuff for KDE3 and surprising the
> hell out of everyone is an astoundingly bad move. Don't do it.
> Why is Debian majorly brain-damaged in this regard? Policy of least
> surprise, because I think you'll find quite a few people surprised when

Well the directory layout simply doesn't make sense. It's possible to be both 
policy compliant and obey KDE conventions. Using /usr/lib/kde3 as KDE root 
mainly. See my other mail to see how it would be done. This would remove a 
lot of cruft from debian packaging scripts as well so it really is a good 

Add that the fact that KDE3 is not even properly packaged now: there is room 
for improvement on that front. I'd though like to hear Chris's opinion first 
as he is the person dealing with these issues. I'm still "prohibitively" busy 
to engage in any hacking activity :/

Otherwise, only packagers and programmers care about KDE locations. The above 
change would make both happier.
  1) Packagers can have very trivial build scripts, I can even provide a 
Makefile to be included in admin/ dir. (And remove that redundant perl script 
that dumps a text file BTW)
  2) Programmers can easily test their applications on a debian system by 
compiling to prefix /usr/lib/kde3.

These are benefits not to be ignored. I say we go ahead and do a major 
cleanup, it's not that difficult btw we are just going to change a few 
makefiles that's all, and write a small text file telling people how they 
should make debian KDE3 packages. I think an example kde-hello package might 
make sense.


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